Thread-milling-machine Set-up Operator Job

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Thread-milling-machine Set-up Operator Job

THREAD-MILLING-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates thread-milling machine to mill threads on external and internal surfaces of metal workpieces, applying knowledge of thread types and thread-milling methods: Studies blueprints, charts, drawings, and work orders to determine pitch and depth of thread, and type of tooling specified. 2. Lifts workpiece to fixture and bolts or clamps it in place, using handtools. 3. Selects and inserts cutting tool in machine spindle. 4. Sets and adjusts speed of cutting tool and feed rate of workpiece. 5. Positions cutting tool and workpiece to computed angles, and installs gears, cams, and stops to control multiple movements of workpiece and cutting tool. 6. Starts machine and inspects workpiece during and on completion of milling operation, using measuring instruments, such as thread gauge and thread measuring wires. 7. Removes milled workpiece from fixture. 8. May compute thread dimensions, using standard formulas.


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