Thermometer Maker Job

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Thermometer Maker Job

THERMOMETER MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fills, shapes, seals, and marks glass tubes to fabricate thermometers, using vacuum tank, micrometer, gas burners, and handtools: Places thermometer tubes in vacuum tank filled with colored liquid and secures tank lid. 2. Turns handle to create vacuum in tank that causes fluid to fill tubes. 3. Holds end of filled tube over gas flame until glass changes color. 4. Inserts air bulb into unheated end of tube and squeezes air into tube to form thermometer bulb. 5. Rotates bulb in preset micrometer to attain specified size. 6. Holds open end of tube over flame to soften glass and seal tube. 7. Immerses tube in temperature controlled hot and cold water tanks to determine reference point for calibrating tubes. 8. Scribes marker at reference points, using file. 9. Heats and cools water in tanks to specified temperatures, using heater, ice, and master thermometer. 10. May blow and shape glass tubes used to make thermometers.


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