Thermal Molder Job

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Thermal Molder Job

THERMAL MOLDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends steam heaters or presses that shape and cure rubber floor mats: Positions sheets of precut calendered rubber on molds. 2. Turns valve to activate vacuum fixtures that draw and hold rubber against contours of molds. 3. Examines molds to ascertain that rubber sheet covers mold and smooths out wrinkles. 4. Removes excess rubber from mold, using knife or roller. 5. Pushes switch to close press and move heater carriage into heater. 6. Turns valve to admit steam and sets timer for specified curing time. 7. Strips cured mats from mold. 8. Examines mats for defects, such as discoloration, misforming, blisters, and cracks. 9. Marks defective mats for repair and places them on skids.


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