Texturing-machine Fixer Job

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Texturing-machine Fixer Job

TEXTURING-MACHINE FIXER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs yarn texturing machine malfunctions, utilizing knowledge of machine operation: Patrols assigned area to observe cards that indicate malfunctions of specific sections of multiunit machine. 2. Slides cover on suction line behind machine sections with malfunction, breaks yarn, and feeds yarn into suction opening to maintain flow of yarn. 3. Removes unevenly wound packages of yarn, places takeup tube in cradle of machine sections, and observes takeup of yarn onto tubes to determine cause of malfunctions. 4. Feels yarn running from creel through machine sections, such as sensors, rollers, friction units, and guides, to detect excess tension on yarn and replaces defective parts, using handtools. 5. Inspects drive belts on feed rollers and replaces worn belts, using handtools. 6. Observes machine for other defects, such as missing guides and oil leaks. 7. Requisitions replacement parts needed for machine repair. 8. Cleans and removes waste from cutter sensors and friction units. 9. Removes yarn wrapper around feed rolls or power shafts of machine.


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