Tester, Motors And Controls Job

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Tester, Motors And Controls Job

TESTER, MOTORS AND CONTROLS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests endurance and performance of electric motors and electrical-control components, such as motor reversers, cam and unit switches, shunt contactors, and magnet valve adapters under simulated operating conditions, in laboratory or production areas, following specified procedures, using testing equipment: Positions motors or parts, such as switches, contacts, and magnetic cores on test rack, and connects leads to power source and test panels. 2. Pulls switch to start equipment and regulates controls for prescribed timing, speeds, and voltages. 3. Turns off lamps and moves rheostat controls of generators to adjust load resistance. 4. Observes and adjusts measuring instruments, such as ammeters and voltmeters, in prescribed sequence, to measure electrical characteristics, such as blow-out, drop-out, pick-up, resistance, electrical stress, and iron content of cores. 5. Examines parts for mechanical defects or failures. 6. Records test data. 7. May replace worn brushes on power supply generator. 8. May be known according to item tested as Transformer Tester.


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