Tester, Compressed Gases Job

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Tester, Compressed Gases Job

TESTER, COMPRESSED GASES JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests compressed gases for moisture content, purity, ratio of gases in mixture, and cylinder pressure, using standard testing equipment and following specified procedures: Drains gas samples from tanks, or rolls cylinders to test station. 2. Adjusts test equipment, such as volumetric moisture tester, burette, conductometer, and pressure gauges, according to type or mixture of gases as shown on chart. 3. Records test procedures and results in log. 4. Prepares and places identifying tags on cylinders or tanks. 5. Notifies supervisor of deviations from specifications. 6. May test accuracy of calibrations on pressure gauges, using dead-weight tester. 7. May mix gases according to customer specifications. 8. May vaporize liquid gases and fill tube trailers. 9. May measure percentage of carbon monoxide in truck cabs, using automatic gas-metering device or by spraying chemical from syringe into atmosphere and matching degree of discoloration against color chart.


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