Template Maker Job

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Template Maker Job

TEMPLATE MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Designs and fabricates templates of assorted materials, such as metal, fiberglass, wood, and plastic, for laying out reference points and dimensions on metal plates, sheets, tubes, and structural shapes used for fabricating, welding, and assembling structural metal products or dies: Plans and develops layout according to blueprints, work orders, tool planning orders, mockups, or sample parts, applying knowledge of trigonometry, product design, and properties of metal. 2. Lays out design onto template material, using instruments, such as compass, protractor, dividers, and ruler, and marks shape and reference points, using scriber, pencil, chalk, and punch. 3. Cuts, trims, drills, reams, files, shapes, and forms templates, using handtools, power tools, and fabricating machines, such as bandsaw, drill press, jointer, punch press, and shear. 4. Nails, glues, screws, bolts, solders, or welds component parts to assemble templates. 5. Marks job numbers, file codes, dimensions, layout, and fabricating instructions on templates. 6. Repairs and reworks templates. 7. May construct jigs and fixtures for fabricating machine operations.


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