Technical Training Coordinator Job

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Technical Training Coordinator Job

TECHNICAL TRAINING COORDINATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Coordinates activities of instructors engaged in training employees or customers of industrial or commercial establishment: Confers with managers, instructors, or customer’s representative to determine training needs. 2. Assigns instructors to conduct training. 3. Schedules classes, based on availability of classrooms, equipment, and instructors. 4. Evaluates training packages, including outline, text, and handouts written by instructors. 5. Assigns instructors to in-service or out-service training classes to learn new skills as needed. 6. Monitors budget to ensure that training costs do not exceed allocated funds. 7. Writes budget report listing training costs, such as instructors’ wages and equipment costs, to justify expenditures. 8. Attends meetings and seminars to obtain information useful to training staff and to inform management of training programs and goals. 9. Monitors instructors during lectures and laboratory demonstrations to evaluate performance. 10. May perform other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. 11. May develop and conduct training programs for employees or customers of industrial or commercial establishment.


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