Teacher, Music Job

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Teacher, Music Job

TEACHER, MUSIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Teaches individuals or groups instrumental or vocal music in public or private school: Plans daily classroom work based on teaching outline prepared for course of study to meet curriculum requirements. 2. Evaluates students’ interests, aptitudes, temperament, and individual characteristics to determine suitable instrument for beginner. 3. Sings or plays instrument to demonstrate musical scales, tones, and rhythm. 4. Instructs students in music theory, harmony, score and sight reading, composition, music appreciation, and provides individual or group vocal and instrumental lessons using technical knowledge, aesthetic appreciation, and prescribed teaching techniques. 5. Conducts group rehearsals and instructs and coaches members in their individual parts, in fundamentals of musicianship, and ensemble performance. 6. Critiques performance to identify errors and reinforce correct techniques. 7. Leads orchestra and choral groups in regular and special performances for school program, community activities, concerts, and festivals. 8. Meets with parents of student to resolve student problem. 9. May accompany students on field trips to musical performances. 10. May order, store, and inventory musical instruments, music, and supplies. 11. May teach students with disabilities. 12. May be required to have certification from state. 13. May be designated Teacher, Instrumental; Teacher, Vocal.


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