Teacher, Hearing Impaired Job

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Teacher, Hearing Impaired Job

TEACHER, HEARING IMPAIRED JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Teaches elementary and secondary school subjects to hearing impaired students, using various methods of communication to receive and convey language: Plans curriculum and prepares lessons and other instructional materials according to grade level of students, utilizing visual media, such as computer, films, television, and charts. 2. Confers with committee of parents, administrators, testing specialists, social worker, and others to develop individual educational program. 3. Instructs students in academic subjects. 4. Instructs students in various forms of communication, such as gestures, sign language, finger spelling, and speech cues. 5. Encourages students to participate in verbal communication classroom learning experiences to ensure their comprehension of subject matter, development of social skills, and ability to communicate in situations encountered in daily living. 6. Tests students’ hearing aids to ensure hearing aids are functioning. 7. May attend and interpret lectures and instructions for students enrolled in regular classes. 8. May teach parents how to participate in and enhance students’ learning experiences. 9. May teach students to use computer. 10. May specialize in teaching lip reading and be designated Teacher, Lip Reading. 11. May be required to have certification from state.


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