Teacher Aide I Job

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Teacher Aide I Job

TEACHER AIDE I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following instructional tasks in classroom to assist teaching staff of public or private elementary or secondary school: Discusses assigned teaching area with classroom teacher to coordinate instructional efforts. 2. Prepares lesson outline and plan in assigned area and submits outline to teacher for review. 3. Plans, prepares, and develops various teaching aids, such as bibliographies, charts, and graphs. 4. Presents subject matter to students, utilizing variety of methods and techniques, such as lecture, discussion, and supervised role playing. 5. Prepares, administers, and grades examinations. 6. Assists students, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments to present or reinforce learning concepts. 7. Confers with parents on progress of students. 8. May specialize in single subject area. 9. May be required to have completed specified number of college education credits.


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