Tanning-drum Operator Job

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Tanning-drum Operator Job

TANNING-DRUM OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates rotary drum containing tanning solution to convert hides and skins into leather, according to specifications: Weighs tanning agents, such as metal salts and sodium formate, following tanning formula. 2. Loads agents and hides or skins into drum. 3. Turns valve to fill drum with water, turns steam valve to heat water to specified temperature. 4. Verifies temperature, using thermometer. 5. Locks drum door and moves lever to rotate drum for specified period of time. 6. Removes drum door, replaces door with grating, and rotates drum to drain tanning solution through grating. 7. May boil sample of tanned hide or skin in water to determine thoroughness of tanning. 8. May be designated according to type of tanning solution used as Bark Tanner; Chestnut Tanner; Chrome-Tanning-Drum Operator; Oak Tanner; Quebracho Tanner; Sumac Tanner.


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