Tank Erector Job

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Tank Erector Job

TANK ERECTOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assembles and erects precut parts at work site to construct wooden storage or processing tanks and vats: Computes reference points from blueprints, diagrams, and other specifications, using measuring instruments. 2. Measures and marks position of dunnage on foundation and lifts dunnage into place, manually or using powered hoist. 3. Wedges leveling shims under dunnage, using carpenter’s level and handtools. 4. Forms tank bottoms, headings for horizontally mounted circular tanks, and ends and sides for rectangular tanks, by inserting wooden dowels into corresponding holes in sides of boards and hammering boards together. 5. Hammers croze of staves over edge of tank bottoms or heads to form sides of circular tanks, and hammers endboards into crozed bottoms and sides to assemble rectangular tanks. 6. Inspects and shapes parts for fit during assembly, using hand plane or saw and carpenter’s rule. 7. Positions metal hoops or rods around tank, affixes washers, lugs, and nuts, and tightens nuts, using wrenches. 8. Positions tank or vat on foundation, using powered hoist and secures them on foundation, using handtools. 9. May assemble scaffolding, using handtools. 10. May cut openings for drain outlets, fill pipes, and manholes, using drills and saws. 11. May install metal outlet covers and force sealant between metal flanges and wooden parts of tank, using wrenches and caulking tools. 12. May install mechanical agitators or other machinery in tank.


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