Tank Cleaner Job

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Tank Cleaner Job

TANK CLEANER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans interiors of boilers, storage tanks, industrial processing tanks, kilns, and tank and refrigerator railroad cars to remove emulsion and incrustations, using shovels, squeegees, brooms, scrapers, hoses, water, and solvents: Drains tank, connects hose to water or steam lines, and sprays walls, roof, and bottom of tank to flush residue, such as oil, acid, grease, and sludge through tank openings. 2. Scrapes and scrubs walls, using detergents, solvents, scrapers, and brushes to remove incrustations, scale, or deposits of coke or catalyst. 3. Sweeps up debris and shovels sludge into buckets or wheelbarrows or down chutes. 4. Removes chemical residues and other liquids from tank bottoms with squeegees or pump and suction hoses. 5. May dry tanks with wood shavings or portable air-drying equipment. 6. May test gas content of tanks. 7. May add specified chemicals to industrial tanks to maintain and replenish tank processing solutions. 8. May be designated according to type of tank cleaned as Acid-Tank Cleaner; Boiler Cleaner; Plating-Tank Cleaner; Tank-Car Cleaner.


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