Take-up Operator Job

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Take-up Operator Job

TAKE-UP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that applies finish to and winds up newly extruded polyester fibers onto takeup bobbins: Turns valves on vacuum lines to activate aspirators that break and suck up yarn ends during doffing process. 2. Grasps yarn lines at each bobbin position to gather and guide moving yarn to aspirator. 3. Pushes filled bobbins of yarn away from bobbin drive rollers on takeup machine to stop spinning takeup bobbins. 4. Lifts filled bobbins from machine and places bobbins on cart. 5. Places empty bobbins on bobbin shafts of takeup machine. 6. Pushes bobbin shafts with empty bobbins next to spinning drive rollers to power rotation of bobbins preparatory to takeup of yarn on bobbins. 7. Pulls specified lines of yarn down from aspirator over rollers on takeup unit that guide and advance newly extruded yarn and throws yarn ends down against empty, spinning bobbins to takeup lines of bobbins. 8. Separates yarn ends along specified guide notches of machine to facilitate takeup of yarn on separate bobbins. 9. Aligns yarn taken up on bobbin, using wire brush.


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