Take-down Sorter Job

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Take-down Sorter Job

TAKE-DOWN SORTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sorts and examines processed photographic film, repairs defective film, and tends drying cabinet that dries film: Flips switch to activate exhaust fan of drier, reads temperature gauge, and adjusts heat controls to maintain specified temperature in drier. 2. Notifies supervisor or darkroom personnel concerning need for machine adjustments or solution changes if excessive amounts of film damage occurs. 3. Monitors drying operation to detect dirty, twisted, or torn film in drier and removes defective film from drier. 4. Washes film in negative cleaner to clean, soften, and straighten film and mends torn film, using tape, sealing solution, and scissors. 5. Feels surface of film in drier to determine dryness and removes film from drier when completely dry. 6. Examines film for clearness of image to determine printability and matches numbered label attached to film with number on customer envelope to avoid missorts. 7. Sorts film into bins or attaches film to hooks according to size and type processing required. 8. May compute customer charges, using pricelist.


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