Tag-press Operator Job

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Tag-press Operator Job

TAG-PRESS OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine to print, cut, and punch holes in paperboard to form paper tags and labels: Reads work order to determine type of setup required. 2. Mounts paperboard roll on machine, using jack, and installs and adjusts specified printing plates onto machine bed, using allen wrench and rule. 3. Mounts roll of reinforcing paperboard onto machine, threads end through stamping section and fills machine hopper with metal reinforcing grommets. 4. Spreads specified color ink onto printing plate, using hand scraper, and fills ink reservoir. 5. Adjusts angle of cutting blade, using allen wrench, and turns valves to adjust timing of cutting blades and punch to specifications. 6. Starts machine and observes machine operation to detect malfunction and inspects completed tags or labels to verify compliance with work order specifications. 7. Removes completed tags or labels from discharge end of machine, stacks specified number of tags into boxes, and stacks boxes on skid. 8. Records production information, such as quantity and type of tags or labels produced on work ticket.


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