Systems Programmer Job

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Systems Programmer Job

SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Coordinates installation of computer operating system software and tests, maintains, and modifies software, using computer terminal: Reads loading and running instructions for system software, such as task scheduling, memory management, computer file system, or controlling computer input and output, and loads tape into tape drive or transfers software to magnetic disk. 2. Initiates test of system program and observes readout on monitor of computer system to detect errors or work stoppage. 3. Enters code changes into computer system to correct errors. 4. Analyzes performance indicators, such as system’s response time, number of transactions per second, and number of programs being processed at once, to ensure that system is operating efficiently. 5. Changes system software so that system performance will meet objectives. 6. Reviews computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations to determine if requested changes to operating system are possible. 7. Writes description of steps taken to modify system and procedures required to implement new software. 8. Assists users having problems with use of system software. 9. May train users, COMPUTER OPERATOR , and COMPUTER PROGRAMMER to use system software. 10. May prepare workflow charts and diagrams to modify system software. 11. May visit vendors to observe demonstration of systems software. 12. May administer and monitor computer program that controls user access to system. 13. May review productivity reports and problem records to evaluate performance of computer system.


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