Synthetic-filament Extruder Job

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Synthetic-filament Extruder Job

SYNTHETIC-FILAMENT EXTRUDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines and auxiliary equipment that extrude continuous synthetic filaments from liquid polymer: Starts metering pumps and observes operation of machines and equipment to ensure continuous flow of filaments extruded through spinnerettes and to detect processing defects, such as drips, filament stains or missing, oversized, or fused filaments. 2. Notifies other workers through intercom when defects occur, necessitating interruption of extruding process, to clean spinnerettes. 3. Opens cabinet doors to cut threadlines away from guides, using scissors. 4. Lowers pan inside cabinet to catch molten filaments until flow of polymer through packs is stopped. 5. Presses metering-pump buttons and turns valves to stop flow of polymer. 6. Cuts entangled filaments wrapped around gears of machine, using pliers. 7. Restarts metering pumps, notifies other worker to receive threadlines, pulls extruded filaments together below spinnerettes to form threadlines, and inserts threadlines through guides to facilitate drawing process on floor below. 8. Observes flow of finish across finish rollers and turns valves to adjust flow to specifications. 9. Occasionally removes polymer deposits from spinnerettes and equipment, using silicone spray, brass chisel, and bronze-wool pad. 10. Wipes finish rollers with cloths and washes finish trays with water when necessary. 11. Marks type of malfunctions on maintenance tag, and attaches tag to machine for subsequent repair.


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