Sweeper-brush Maker, Machine Job

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Sweeper-brush Maker, Machine Job

SWEEPER-BRUSH MAKER, MACHINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machine to bind fibers on cylindrical core to form brushes used on street sweeping machines: Mounts brush core in machine, turns crank to wind specified amount of cable on holding spool, and staples end of cable to core, using hammer. 2. Sets spool brake to maintain tension between spool and core, using wrench. 3. Aligns carriage wheel guide in spiral groove of core and adjusts material guides and conveyor to feed material onto core according to size of brush, using wrenches. 4. Spreads precut fibers on conveyor. 5. Starts machine that winds cable to bind fibers onto revolving core. 6. Staples or bolts cable to core at completion of winding process. 7. Repairs sweeper brush cores, using handtools.


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