Survival Specialist Job

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Survival Specialist Job

SURVIVAL SPECIALIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Instructs personnel in survival and rescue techniques and procedures and on how to evade, escape, and resist enemy interrogation, exploitation, and political indoctrination as prisoner of war: Demonstrates methods of constructing emergency shelter, building animal or fish traps and snares, improvising clothing and equipment, and recognizing, procuring, preparing, and preserving water and various plant and animal life. 2. Demonstrates use of life support and recovery equipment, basic survival kit items, and application of survival medicine. 3. Instructs personnel in use of support and recovery equipment and procedures for signaling and guiding search vehicles. 4. Discusses and demonstrates principles and techniques of escape and evasion, penetration of barriers, camouflage, and organization of prisoner of war groups.


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