Surveyor, Mine Job

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Surveyor, Mine Job

SURVEYOR, MINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Conducts surveys at surface and subsurface mine sites to obtain data used in planning mining operations: Takes instrument readings of sun or stars and calculates longitude and latitude to determine mine location. 2. Directs survey technicians and helpers in use of electronic surveying equipment, light emitting systems, or other instruments to transfer surface survey positions and directions to underground areas and to survey assigned sections. 3. Computes data necessary for driving and connecting underground passages to control direction and extent of mining operation. 4. Computes volume of coal or ore in portions of mine, using survey data. 5. Surveys and calculates volume of material deposits, spoil piles, or veins, and amount of overburden to be removed. 6. Drafts or directs others to draft maps of survey data. 7. May assist MINE SUPERINTENDENT and MINING ENGINEER in planning mining operations. 8. May conduct surveys of tunnels, subway sites, and underground storage facilities.


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