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Stripper Job

STRIPPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Strips photographic negative from film base and mounts negative on glass plate or platemaking flat to be used in preparing photoengraving plates, using art layout, blueprint, and handtools: Examines negative to detect defective areas, using lighted viewing table. 2. Spots or blocks out defective areas, using opaque and brush. 3. Pours rubber solution and collodion over film base to toughen negative. 4. Dries base, using blotter, and cuts negative to size, using knife and straightedge. 5. Immerses glass or film base in acid bath to loosen negative. 6. Strips negative from base. 7. Mounts and aligns negative on glass plate or platemaking flat, according to art layout, blueprint, and color register. 8. Rubs negative to remove excess water and to ensure adhesion to plate, using blotter. 9. May control equipment to produce photographic negatives preparatory to stripping. 10. May be designated according to type of negative stripped as Stripper, Black And White; Stripper, Color.


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