Sterilizer Job

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Sterilizer Job

STERILIZER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sterilizes wine containers, such as barrels or metal tanks: Hammers and pulls bungs from barrels or unscrews cap from tank, using handtools, such as mallet and wrench. 2. Inserts nozzle of steam pipe through vent and flushes steamed container with water, to clean container. 3. Ignites and inserts sulfur stick into container to kill bacteria. 4. Repaints barrelheads, using brush, lacquer, or paint. 5. Removes sulfur fumes from container, using compressed air.


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Sales Executive

Company: Aqua FIlter Water Treatment Equipment Tr. LLC
Job Details: Our broad product range includes Reverse Osmosis Systems, Aqua Filter Water Filtration Systems, UV Water Filtration Systems, UV Sterilizers, Water Softeners,…

CSSD Technician

Company: Fakeeh University Hospital
Job Details: Monitor efficiency of sterilizer and log. Appropriately identify each sterilizer load and maintain record of each. 2 years as a CSSD technician.

CSSD Technician

Company: ???? ?????
Job Details: Perform daily cleaning, Dummy Run, Bowie Dick and Biological Test for Steam Sterilizer. To follow the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)/Manufacturer guidelines…

Dental Nurse / Dental Assistant

Company: Medicentres
Job Details: Monitor and maintain dental equipment, system, radiographic developing equipment, sterilizer, and light curing units, in accordance with manufacturers’…

CSSD Technician(DHA/HAAD)

Company: Orbit Staffing Innovision
Job Details: Using the range of Equipment found in a sterilization facility including steam sterilizers, instrument washers, heat sealer etc.

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