Statistician, Applied Job

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Statistician, Applied Job

STATISTICIAN, APPLIED JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plans data collection, and analyzes and interprets numerical data from experiments, studies, surveys, and other sources and applies statistical methodology to provide information for scientific research and statistical analysis: Plans methods to collect information and develops questionnaire techniques according to survey design. 2. Conducts surveys utilizing sampling techniques or complete enumeration bases. 3. Evaluates reliability of source information, adjusts and weighs raw data, and organizes results into form compatible with analysis by computers or other methods. 4. Presents numerical information by computer readouts, graphs, charts, tables, written reports or other methods. 5. Describes sources of information, and limitations on reliability and usability. 6. May analyze and interpret statistics to point up significant differences in relationships among sources of information, and prepare conclusions and forecasts based on data summaries. 7. May specialize in specific aspect of statistics or industrial activity reporting and be designated by specialty as Demographer I; Statistician, Analytical; Statistician, Engineering And Physical Science.


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Company: GfK
Job Details: Analysis of the results of applied data corrections/modifications in each period after data processing for the period has been completed.

Program Director - Assessment and Evaluation

Company: HAYS
Job Details: Supervising the statistician, produces detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis for all administered assessment. Or Ed.D in an appropriate field of study.

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