Staple Cutter Job

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Staple Cutter Job

STAPLE CUTTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that cuts tow, sliver, or waste fibers into staple lengths preparatory to blending and subsequent processing into yarn: Places cans of sliver or bales of raw stock at feed-end of machine. 2. Cuts bale bands, using hand snips. 3. Places loose fiber on belt which conveys fiber to cutting blades or pulls ends of sliver or tow from cans and guides them into feed rolls at cutter. 4. Examines fiber falling from cutter to detect fusing of fibers due to dull cutting blades. 5. Measures cut fiber with ruler to verify length. 6. Notifies MACHINE FIXER when cut fiber does not meet specifications. 7. May stock from several bales to blend fibers. 8. May sort loose stock by size and color.


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