Stacking-machine Operator I Job

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Stacking-machine Operator I Job

STACKING-MACHINE OPERATOR I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machine to stack plates or sheets of material, such as metal or plastic, to assemble laminated products, such as rotor cores and storage battery elements or to form bundles for shipment: Places specified material into one or more feed magazines or holding devices. 2. Moves lever to set automatic feed for number of items specified for stack. 3. Turns screws to adjust opening in feed mechanism to size of item, using measuring instruments or built-in scale and handtools. 4. Starts machine that automatically measures or counts and stacks specified number of pieces in desired arrangement. 5. Clears jams and adjusts machine to correct malfunction, using handtools. 6. Removes finished stack from machine and places stack into basket or into magazine of machine performing subsequent operation. 7. May insert spacers between bundles to form continuous stack.


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