Speech Pathologist Job

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Speech Pathologist Job

SPEECH PATHOLOGIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of speech and language problems, and engages in scientific study of human communication: Diagnoses and evaluates speech and language skills as related to educational, medical, social, and psychological factors. 2. Plans, directs, or conducts habilitative and rehabilitative treatment programs to restore communicative efficiency of individuals with communication problems of organic and nonorganic etiology. 3. Provides counseling and guidance and language development therapy to handicapped individuals. 4. Reviews individual file to obtain background information prior to evaluation to determine appropriate tests and to ensure that adequate information is available. 5. Administers, scores, and interprets specialized hearing and speech tests. 6. Develops and implements individualized plans for assigned clients to meet individual needs, interests, and abilities. 7. Evaluates and monitors individuals, using audio-visual equipment, such as tape recorders, overhead projectors, filmstrips, and demonstrative materials. 8. Reviews treatment plan, and assesses individual performance to modify, change, or write new programs. 9. Maintains records as required by law, establishment’s policy, and administrative regulations. 10. Attends meetings and conferences and participates in other activities to promote professional growth. 11. Instructs individuals to monitor their own speech and provides ways to practice new skills. 12. May act as consultant to educational, medical, and other professional groups. 13. May conduct research to develop diagnostic and remedial techniques. 14. May serve as consultant to classroom teachers to incorporate speech and language development activities into daily schedule. 15. May teach manual sign language to student incapable of speaking. 16. May instruct staff in use of special equipment designed to serve handicapped. 17. See AUDIOLOGIST for one who specializes in diagnosis of, and provision of rehabilitative services for, auditory problems.


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