Pump Erector Job

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Pump Erector Job

PUMP ERECTOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Installs and repairs submerged turbine pumps in waterwells, using rig: Drives rig into position adjacent to well. 2. Starts hoisting engine and moves levers and pedals to raise and extend telescoping hoisting mast. 3. Bolts guy wires and struts to mast for support. 4. Threads and tightens pump parts, such as pump bowl, shaft, bearings, tubing, and couplings, using wrenches and chain tongs to assemble pump section. 5. Raises pump section to vertical position and installs section in well casing, using rig loadline and winch. 6. Screws coupling or bolts flange to connect pump base to pipe column. 7. Drives wedges under pump base to align base with pump shaft, centering pump shaft in opening until tube nut or packing container fits without interference, or using dial indicator to verify alignment. 8. Hoists electric motor drive or engine drive gear box into position over pump base and inspects clearance between shaft and hollow spindle of driver to verify alignment of pump shaft. 9. Attaches pressure gauge and orifice meter to pump outlet and pumps air into well to measure static and dynamic water levels and capacity of well. 10. Dismantles pumps to clean, repair, and replace worn or damaged parts. 11. May work in shop to repair various types of pumps, such as centrifugal, plunger, and turbine pumps.


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