Public-safety Officer Job

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Public-safety Officer Job

PUBLIC-SAFETY OFFICER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Patrols assigned beat and responds to emergency calls to protect persons or property from crimes, fires, or other hazards: Patrols assigned area on foot or horseback or using vehicle to regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime, or arrest violators. 2. Responds to crimes in progress, initiating actions such as aid to victims and interrogation of suspects. 3. Attends public gatherings to maintain order. 4. Responds to fire alarms or other emergency calls. 5. Forces openings in buildings for ventilation of fire or for entry, using ax or crowbar. 6. Controls and extinguishes fires, using water and chemicals. 7. Administers first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons. 8. Participates in drills and emergency precautionary demonstrations. 9. May inspect establishments for compliance with local regulations. 10. May drive and operate firefighting and other emergency equipment.


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