Psychologist, Experimental Job

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Psychologist, Experimental Job

PSYCHOLOGIST, EXPERIMENTAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plans, designs, conducts, and analyzes results of experiments to study problems in psychology: Formulates hypotheses and experimental designs to investigate problems of perception, memory, learning, personality, and cognitive processes. 2. Designs and constructs equipment and apparatus for laboratory study. 3. Selects, controls, and modifies variables in laboratory experiments with humans or animals, and observes and records behavior in relation to variables. 4. Analyzes test results, using statistical techniques, and evaluates significance of data in relation to original hypothesis. 5. Collaborates with other scientists in such fields as physiology, biology, and sociology in conducting interdisciplinary studies of behavior and formulating theories of behavior. 6. Writes papers describing experiments and interpreting test results for publication or for presentation at scientific meetings. 7. May specialize in aesthetics, memory, learning, autonomic functions, electroencephalography, feeling and emotion, motivation, motor skills, perception, or higher order cognitive processes. 8. May conduct experiments to study relationship of behavior to various bodily mechanisms and be designated Psychologist, Physiological. 9. May specialize in study of animal behavior to develop theories of animal and human behavior and be designated Psychologist, Comparative.


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