Psychologist, Educational Job

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Psychologist, Educational Job

PSYCHOLOGIST, EDUCATIONAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Investigates processes of learning and teaching and develops psychological principles and techniques applicable to educational problems to foster intellectual, social, and emotional development of individuals: Conducts experiments to study importance of motivation in learning, implications of transfer of training in teaching, and nature and causes of individual differences in mental abilities to promote differentiated educational procedures to meet individual needs of students. 2. Analyzes characteristics and adjustment needs of superior and inferior students and recommends educational program to promote maximum adjustment. 3. Formulates achievement, diagnostic, and predictive tests to aid teachers in planning methods and content of instruction. 4. Administers standardized tests to diagnose disabilities and difficulties among students and to develop special methods of remedial instruction. 5. Investigates traits and attitudes of teachers to study conditions that contribute to or detract from optimal mental health of teachers. 6. Studies effects of teachers’ feelings and attitudes upon pupils, and characteristics of successful teachers to aid school administrators in selection and adjustment of teachers. 7. Collaborates with education specialists in developing curriculum content and methods of organizing and conducting classroom work. 8. May specialize in educational measurement, school adjustment, school learning, or special education.


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