Projection Printer Job

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Projection Printer Job

PROJECTION PRINTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Produces enlarged or reduced photographic prints from original negative or positive, using projection printer: Sorts orders according to type, size, and processing requirements. 2. Examines negative for contrast to determine grade of sensitized paper required for print. 3. Places sensitized paper on easel and adjusts sliding arms of easel to outline specified area on paper, or threads paper through guides onto takeup spool and secures with tape. 4. Places negative in holder and slides holder beneath light. 5. Raises or lowers carriage of printer to focus image within outlined area on paper. 6. Selects lens assembly according to size and type of negative to be printed and positions lens in holder. 7. Adjusts lens opening, sets exposure timer, and starts machine. 8. Varies contrast by shading darker image areas with hand or sheet of paper. 9. Develops exposed paper. 10. Examines developed prints to detect color deficiencies, scratches, and dust specks, and retouches print to remove defects, using paints, pencils, brush, and cloth. 11. Computes customer charges and maintains production record.


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