Programmer, Engineering And Scientific Job

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Programmer, Engineering And Scientific Job

PROGRAMMER, ENGINEERING AND SCIENTIFIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Converts scientific, engineering, and other technical problem formulations to format processable by computer: Resolves symbolic formulations, prepares flow charts and block diagrams, and encodes resultant equations for processing by applying extensive knowledge of branch of science, engineering, or advanced mathematics, such as differential equations or numerical analysis, and understanding of capabilities and limitations of computer. 2. Confers with other engineering and technical personnel to resolve problems of intent, inaccuracy, or feasibility of computer processing. 3. Enters program into computer system. 4. Reviews results of computer runs with interested personnel to determine necessity for modifications or reruns. 5. Develops new subroutines or expands program to simplify statement, programming, or coding of future problems. 6. May direct and coordinate activities of COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS working as part of project team.


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