Profiling-machine Set-up Operator, Tool Job

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Profiling-machine Set-up Operator, Tool Job

PROFILING-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR, TOOL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates various types of tracer-controlled profile milling machines to mill duplicates of template or model contour on metal workpieces, such as cams, metalworking dies, aircraft parts, and automobile prototype parts, determining tooling according to knowledge of profiling procedures: Studies blueprint, dimensioned sketch, or layout on workpiece to visualize milling required and plans sequence of operations. 2. Lifts and positions workpiece on machine bed manually or using hoist. 3. Secures workpiece and template or model on angle plates or machine table, using clamps, wrenches, and such devices as height and planer gauges, parallel blocks, shims, and screwjacks. 4. Selects cutting speeds, depth of cut, cutting tool, and corresponding tracing stylus. 5. Positions and secures cutter and stylus in respective spindles. 6. Turns switches or dials to set feed and speed and to position cutter and stylus at reference points on workpiece and template or model allowing for tool pressure, die clearance, and amount of stock to be left for subsequent removal. 7. Engages feeding mechanism. 8. Observes machining operation and adjusts cutter position, cutting speed, and feed rate to ensure that workpiece conforms to specifications. 9. Verifies conformance of milled workpiece to specifications, using gauges, calipers, and micrometers. 10. May work on nonmetallic materials. 11. May make cutters and styluses. 12. May inspect workpiece on projection comparator machine to determine if profiled cuts align with projected drawing.


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