Profile-shaper Operator, Automatic Job

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Profile-shaper Operator, Automatic Job

PROFILE-SHAPER OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates straight-line or rotary profile shaping machine that automatically follows contours of model or form to shape single or entire edges of wood furniture parts: Selects cutterheads or knives to conform to pattern contour, according to type of cut specified on work order. 2. Installs cutterheads in vertical spindle of machine or inserts and bolts specified knives in slots of cutterheads already in machine, using handtools. 3. Turns handwheel or crank to align knives with contours of model or form. 4. Bolts or clamps model or form to bed of machine, using wrenches or air clamps. 5. Sets stops on straight-line profiling machine and turns crank to adjust air clamps that hold stock in position for cutting. 6. Presses button to start machine and positions stock under clamps and over model or form. 7. Moves controls to actuate mechanism that closes clamps; moves carriage, turntable, or form containing stock against rotating cutters until edges of stock are shaped; returns carriage to starting position; and releases clamps for removal of stock. 8. May turn thumbscrews or handwheel to regulate speed of carriage, turntable, or drive sprocket, according to type of stock and complexity of contours. 9. May compare stock dimensions with pattern to detect cutting defects.


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