Production-machine Tender Job

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Production-machine Tender Job

PRODUCTION-MACHINE TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends automatic production machines and equipment that machine, stamp, weld, form, move, or apply adhesives to automotive parts, according to specifications and machine operating instructions: Pushes buttons on control panel to start and activate automatic cycles of production machines and equipment. 2. Observes machine operations, material supplies, and position of workpieces to detect malfunctions, needed supplies, or misaligned parts. 3. Adjusts alignment of parts on transfer devices and fixtures, using wrench, screwdriver, or control panel. 4. Pushes buttons and presses keys on teach pendant to adjust programmed positions of robots’ end-of-arm tools or to reset programs that control robot movements. 5. Inspects welds of arc welding robots and adjusts weld position, amount of electrode wire in weld, or heat setting, using teach pendant. 6. Replenishes workpieces for spot welding robots, adhesive supply for adhesive applying robots, and welding wire for arc welding robots. 7. Lubricates machine parts, using grease gun and oilcan. 8. Removes weld slag from fixtures, using chisel, hammer, or file. 9. Notifies supervisor of machine malfunction or defective auto parts. 10. May be assigned to one type of machine, such as material handling, spot welding, or arc welding robots; automatic spot welder; or punch or drill press. 11. May work as part of team.


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