Production Hardener Job

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Production Hardener Job

PRODUCTION HARDENER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of molten carbonizing salt bath or ammonia-methane furnaces that case harden steel objects, such as buckles, screws, wrenches, and bicycle crank cups: Loads objects by hand into wire basket attached to steel-rod handle. 2. Immerses basket into chemical bath inside furnace pot or into ammonia-methane furnace. 3. Scoops salt into furnace pots to maintain bath level or opens valves to inject gases into furnace, and sets timer. 4. Removes basket from furnace at end of heating cycle and dumps objects into mesh container submerged in tank of quenching oil. 5. May lift container from quenching tank and dip container in rinse water. 6. Dumps objects into box or tray. 7. May signal forklift operator to deposit or extract containers of objects into and from furnaces and quenching and rinse tanks.


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