Producer Job

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Producer Job

PRODUCER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plans and coordinates various aspects of radio, television, or cable television programs: Interviews and selects SCREEN WRITERS and cast principals from staff members or outside talent. 2. Outlines program to be produced to SCREEN WRITERS and evaluates finished script. 3. Composes or edits program script to meet management or other requirements, using typewriter or computer terminal. 4. Coordinates various aspects of production, such as audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work, and script writing. 5. Gives instructions to staff to schedule broadcast and to develop and coordinate details to obtain desired production. 6. Reviews production to ensure objectives are attained. 7. Views taped program to select scenes to be used for promotional purposes, using video equipment. 8. Listens to audio tape recording to verify program, script, or sound effects conform to broadcast standards, using audio equipment. 9. May obtain costumes, props, music, or other equipment or personnel to complete production. 10. May represent television network, acting as liaison to independent producer of television series produced for network broadcast. 11. May review budget and expenditures for programs or commercial productions for conformance to budgetary restrictions. 12. May coordinate production details to produce live television programs from locations distant from station. 13. May be designated according to level of responsibility and by type of show produced as Executive Producer; or by type of media as Radio Producer; Television Producer.


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