Private-branch-exchange Installer Job

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Private-branch-exchange Installer Job

PRIVATE-BRANCH-EXCHANGE INSTALLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Installs telephone switchboards and specialized communication equipment, such as intercommunications systems, telephoto circuits, mobile radiotelephones, and teletypewriters, on customers’ premises: Connects telephone or telegraph cable terminals to inside wires and switchboard, following diagrams and using handtools, soldering iron, and wire wrap gun. 2. Tests and adjusts installation, using voltmeter, ammeter, and test telephone set. 3. May be designated according to type of equipment installed and maintained as Private-Branch-Exchange Installer, Mobile Radio; Private-Branch-Exchange Installer, Teletypewriter; Radio Installer; Telephoto Installer; Teleprinter Installer; Video Installer.


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