Printer, Plastic Job

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Printer, Plastic Job

PRINTER, PLASTIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates press to print colored designs on rolls of plastic or plastic-coated material: Positions and clamps printing cylinder on press, using handtools. 2. Pours inks into ink pans and threads plastic film through press rolls. 3. Starts press and turns wheels to adjust pickup, transfer, and printing rolls. 4. Turns rheostats to regulate speed and feed of press, and temperature of drying box. 5. Examines printed sheet to detect defects, such as wrinkles, tears, smeared printing, and uneven color distribution. 6. Cleans and oils press. 7. Repairs or replaces broken or worn parts of press, using handtools. 8. May set print on printing cylinder, and blend colored inks, according to job order.


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