Printer Operator, Black-and-white Job

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Printer Operator, Black-and-white Job

PRINTER OPERATOR, BLACK-AND-WHITE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates printer to produce black-and-white photographic prints from negatives: Mounts roll of sensitized paper on spindle of printer and threads paper through guides, rollers, and onto take-up spindle. 2. Prepares batch identification sheet, positions sheet in printer, and activates printer to transfer information from sheet to sensitized paper. 3. Prints identification number on customer envelope, using stamping machine. 4. Removes negative strip or single negative from envelope and cleans negatives to remove dust particles, using air blower or gloved finger. 5. Inserts negative in printer and examines image to determine whether picture setting is in or out-of-doors. 6. Activates printer and adjusts control knobs to produce photographic prints of required shading and density. 7. Places printed roll in envelope and seals envelope to prevent exposure to light.


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