Printed Circuit Designer Job

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Printed Circuit Designer Job

PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGNER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Designs and drafts layout for printed circuit boards according to engineering specifications, utilizing knowledge of electronics, drafting, and PCB design: Reviews and analyzes engineering design schematics and supporting documents to plan layout of PCB components and printed circuitry. 2. Confers with engineering staff to resolve design details and problems. 3. Drafts detailed drawings and composes master layout of design components and circuitry. 4. Examines and verifies master layout for electrical and mechanical accuracy. 5. May verify accuracy of film reproductions of master layout. 6. May prepare copies of drawings for use in PCB fabrication, using blueprint or diazo print machine. 7. May generate computer tape for use in photo plotting design onto film, using digitizing equipment.


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