Printed Circuit Board Component Tester, Chemical Job

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Printed Circuit Board Component Tester, Chemical Job

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD COMPONENT TESTER, CHEMICAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests electronic components for compliance to company standards, using chemicals and soldering equipment: Places droplets of acid on surface of petri dish to prepare for lead test, using eyedropper. 2. Positions wire lead of component or pin on integrated circuit in acid, places acid-coated wire lead or pin on chemically prepared filter paper, and observes reaction on paper that indicates lead content. 3. Soaks components that do not pass lead test in freon to remove acid from wire leads or pins and repeats test. 4. Refers to vendor list to determine whether components are listed as acceptable. 5. Dips wire leads of components in beaker of liquid flux, solder pot, and beaker of freon to conduct solderability test on wire leads, using metal tongs. 6. Observes solder on wire leads for questionable conditions, such as bending of solder, discoloration, or no solder present, using magnification lamp. 7. Sets aside components of questionable acceptance for approval by engineer. 8. Maintains record of test results.


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