Print Developer, Automatic Job

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Print Developer, Automatic Job

PRINT DEVELOPER, AUTOMATIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends one or more machines that automatically develop, fix, wash, and dry photographic prints: Threads leaders around rollers, through processing tanks and dryer, around polished drum, and onto takeup reel. 2. Turns valves to fill tanks with premixed solutions, such as developer, dyes, stop-baths, fixers, bleaches, and washes. 3. Moves thermostatic control to keep steam-heated drum at specified temperature. 4. Splices sensitized paper to leaders, using tape. 5. Starts machine and throws switches to synchronize drive speeds of processing and drying units. 6. Compares processed prints with color standard and reports variations to control department. 7. Adds specified amounts of chemicals to renew solutions. 8. Maintains production records.


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