Print Controller Job

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Print Controller Job

PRINT CONTROLLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and adjusts photographic print developing equipment according to density, color, and size of prints: Positions film in densitometer, reads dials, and records findings on plot sheet to locate defects in density and color balance. 2. Confers with SUPERVISOR, QUALITY CONTROL to determine adjustments required to bring print machine into balance. 3. Runs test film strip through print machine to evaluate machine exposure. 4. Removes cover from control panel of print machine to gain access to control shafts and adjustment knobs, using wrench. 5. Plugs electric timer into printer to determine time elapsed during printing operation. 6. Starts equipment, observes timer, and adjusts shafts and knobs to attain specified process settings, using handtools. 7. Locks control shafts of printer into position subsequent to final adjustment to prevent shifting in color or density balance during printing. 8. Keeps record of adjustments made for departmental use.


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