Primer-waterproofing-machine Adjuster Job

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Primer-waterproofing-machine Adjuster Job

PRIMER-WATERPROOFING-MACHINE ADJUSTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up dial-feed machine to daub and spray lacquer to base and mouth of cartridge cases to form waterproof seal around primer and bullet: Aligns and adjusts feeding, lacquering, blotting, and ejecting mechanisms, and installs reels of blotting-paper tape, using handtools. 2. Thins lacquer with acetate to desired consistency and pours it into machine reservoirs. 3. Measures drain time of sample mixture to verify conformance to specified viscosity, using electric timer. 4. Drains and flushes reservoirs and feed tubes to prevent clogging, using thinner.


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