Primer-powder Blender, Wet Job

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Primer-powder Blender, Wet Job

PRIMER-POWDER BLENDER, WET JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls mixing kettles to blend explosive ingredients and produce wet priming mixture used in rim-fire cartridges: Carries prescribed quantities of dry powder, ground glass, liquid gum, and other ingredients from storage house to control house. 2. Measures and mixes specified amounts of ingredients in rubber basin, using rubber spatula. 3. Carries initial mixture to isolated mixing house and scoops it into mixing machine. 4. Returns to control house and starts mixer, using switch on control panel. 5. Stops mixer at designated intervals to add ingredients and to examine mixture to detect degree of dryness, adding water as required to prevent ignition of mixture during blending. 6. Scoops blended mixture into rubber containers, marks boats with identifying data, and carries them to storage house. 7. Washes equipment and premises to prevent accumulation of explosive material. 8. May prepare ingredients for blending.


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