Pressure-test Operator Job

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Pressure-test Operator Job

PRESSURE-TEST OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Measures propellant force of powder charge by firing small arms cartridges and shotshells in pressure-testing device: Selects test barrel according to type and caliber of cartridge to be fired. 2. Secures breech end of barrel in fixture containing breech-block, hammer, and firing pin, using handtools and gauges. 3. Inserts gas check and steel piston into vent in barrel wall. 4. Positions lead or copper slug of standard length on piston and tightens yoke-mounted setscrew which acts as anvil to secure it. 5. Fires cartridge and measures compressed slug for reduction in length, using micrometer. 6. Converts reduction in slug length to pressure expressed in pounds-per-square inch, using conversion chart. 7. Computes average pressure for specified number of cartridges. 8. May perform velocity tests on projectiles.


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