Pressroom Worker, Fat Job

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Pressroom Worker, Fat Job

PRESSROOM WORKER, FAT JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment that boils, agitates, bleaches, and cleans tallow: Turns valves to drain specified amount of tallow from storage tank into bleaching tank and to create vacuum inside tank when vacuum bleaching method is used. 2. Moves controls to heat tank with steam and maintain specified temperature. 3. Admits specified amount of carbon and diatomaceous earth into bleaching tank and starts agitator. 4. Draws sample from tank and pours it through filter paper, observing its color for conformance to specifications. 5. Adds tallow or diatomaceous earth to tank as required. 6. Opens valves to force tallow by steam pressure through filter press to remove foreign material and into storage tank.


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